Other Information

Corporate Social Responsibility

We serve our communities with pride.  Our members are active in various charitable organizations.  We have provided pro bono legal representation to those with inadequate financial means, but who have bona fide substantial legal claims or needs. We have established charities, and continue to advise them on a pro bono basis.  We have contributed donations to a number of charities locally.  We provide donations to a local school to assist in the battle against hunger.

Terms of Business

It is important that our clients know our responsibilities to them and their responsibilities to us.  Our relationship with our clients is governed by our terms of business and our engagement letter signed by us and by our clients.  The engagement letter provides specific information regarding the type of work we have been engaged to perform for the client. Our terms of business can be accessed via the link below.

Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption policy

We are committed to carrying out business fairly, honestly and openly. This means we have a zero tolerance towards bribery. We will never permit or authorize the offering, making or receiving of a bribe.  There is no exceptions to this policy.

Anti-money Laundering policy

We actively seek to prevent our services from being used for money laundering purposes.  We seek to identify and assess the money laundering risks represented by the business we conduct.   We verify the identity of all of our clients. We report any suspicion of money laundering for which we have reasonable grounds.