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Set-off of National Insurance Benefits in Personal Injury Claim

National Insurance Benefits  (<– Click here) One of the recurring issues in personal injury claim cases is the extent to which benefits paid by the National Insurance Office to the injured person must be taken into account with respect to the claim for past loss of earnings. Click the article above to learn more!

Who is a shareholder?

Who is a shareholder? (<– Click here) This is an important question, given the common use of the company as a vehicle for doing business. Yet, determining who is a shareholder when the company has not been properly organized could be perplexing.  The ease with which a person could be registered as a shareholder of […]

C M O P v C P A P

The circumstance of this application for enforcement of spousal maintenance is rare. On 18th July 2018, the Respondent/Wife in the action filed an application seeking, among other things, an order for enforcement of arrears of spousal maintenance which accrued over approximately nine years, in the sum of $192,000.00. The Applicant/Husband in the action had not […]

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Blog: Persuading the Judicial Mind by Alrick Scott

Persuading the Judicial Mind by Alrick Scott Advocacy is the vehicle by which counsel may persuade the judicial mind. It is a topic that is of importance to both the Bench and the Bar. Skilful advocacy makes it easier for the Bench to resolve legal disputes, it promotes confidence in the Bar, and furthers the […]

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