Tarra Johnson v Ridgeview Construction (2019)

This is an action for personal injuries, loss and damage resulting from an accident which occurred on 14th February 2009, involving motor vehicles XA-1250 and T-5039. Christopher Pilgrim (Pilgrim) was the owner and driver of XA-1250, while Barry Brathwaite (Brathwaite) was the driver of T-5039, which was owned by the Second Defendant at the time. The Claimant was a passenger in XA-1250 when the collision occurred. The accident occurred around 17:30 hours, at the junction of Chapel Road, Ebenezer Road and Halton Road, St. Philip.
The parties had agreed that I should determine the issue of liability only and that they will discuss and settle quantum. Therefore, the main issue in the case was liability for the accident, namely, which one of the two drivers is responsible for the accident which occurred on 14th February 2009, whether Pilgrim or Brathwaite. Following my finding that Pilgrim’s negligence caused the accident, the parties provided me with the figure agreed for quantum. I thereupon assessed the costs payable by Pilgrim to the Claimant and the Second Defendant. The orders at para [18] below, are a repeat of the orders made orally.

2019.05.06 – Decision – Tarra Johnson v Ridgeview Construction


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