Practice Areas

Civil & Personal Injury Litigation

Our team is experienced in civil litigation at every level of the court structure, and in a wide range of practice areas within civil litigation, including, contract law, personal injury settlement and litigation, shareholder disputes, trust, estates, construction, debt collection, insolvency and employment law.

Mr Alrick Scott, QC, is the leader of the litigation team. He has been counsel in several substantial and high-profile court actions over the years since his call to the Bar.  He has worked with several senior attorneys in Barbados, as well as with attorneys and firms outside of Barbados on civil litigation matters. He has acted as a Judge of the High Court of Barbados, where he heard and decided several civil matters in a wide range of practice areas.  He is also a trained arbitrator and member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrator of England. He has the experience of carrying the responsibility for litigating as well as deciding serious civil litigation matters.

Judgments which Mr Scott rendered as a Judge of the High Court can be accessed via the link below.

Corporate Commercial & Conveyancing

We act for start-up locally incorporated companies, preparing incorporation documents, preparing organizational and other minutes, issuing shares, and advising on capitalization of start-up companies.   We have acted on behalf of large and small companies in corporate finance and project finance transactions involving substantial sums, as well in the acquisition of businesses by way of asset purchase and share purchase transactions.   We have also worked for clients in joint venture arrangements as well in insolvency proceedings, including the largest insolvency proceedings in Barbados.

Our clients include too, those selling and purchasing residential lands, residential properties and condominium units and obtaining mortgages to assist in the purchase of the same.  At present, we represent one of the largest landowners in Barbados, in various property transactions. We work closely with a property sales and property management company to assist clients with their need to find a buyer or a seller or a tenant for their property.

Amongst our team, is experience in litigating a range of substantial corporate and commercial matters, including, shareholder disputes, receiverships, and debt collection amongst others.

Renewable Energy

Our team has unequalled knowledge and experience in the renewable energy sector. Our team has significant knowledge in Government regulation and knowledge on renewable energy. We have represented significant players in the renewable energy sector in Barbados, and have contacts globally with persons in the field.  Our work in the renewable energy sector includes advising persons on Government regulation and legislation, preparing rooftop leases for photovoltaic systems, preparing contracts for the supply and installation of photovoltaic systems and project finance for renewable energy projects.  

Mr Aidan Rogers is the leader of our team on renewable energy.  He is the best-known voice in Barbados on renewable energy. He has advised policymakers on renewable energy.  He has written and presented at conferences on renewable energy. He attended training in the installation of photovoltaic systems and understands the technology that drives renewable energy.

Our team is competent and well placed to assist and advise clients at all stages of their renewable energy project.  We can assist in the planning stage, with the regulatory process, with project financing, construction and grid interconnection.

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

We were among the first attorneys in Barbados to be involved in data privacy.  One of our team members was awarded a contract with the Government of Barbados as individual consultant to the Barbados Statistical Department (BSS) under an Inter-American Development Bank funded contract, following a competitive process, to be a consultant to BSS in relation to and to prepare Memoranda of Understanding between BSS and data producing agencies, with respect to the sharing of personal data.

Our team includes highly qualified and experienced IT specialists.  We combine our legal experience and understanding of data privacy and cybersecurity law with IT specialists to provide useful solutions to problems arising from interrelated IT, privacy and cybersecurity issues.   The Government of Barbados recently disseminated the draft Data Protection Bill. We are ready to guide clients through the Data Protection Act when enacted. We can also assist clients in drafting internal policies and procedures to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act when enacted, and for investigating and reporting suspected and confirmed data security breaches.  

Construction & Infrastructure

Our team has received training in construction contracts and Public Private Partnerships/Private Finance Initiatives.  Members of our team have been involved in construction and infrastructural projects in various ways. We have advised on and drafted contracts involving PPPs/PFIs as well as various types of construction contracts.  We have negotiated and settled terms of project financing for PPPs/PFIs. We have advised and represented parties in construction disputes, including, in adjudication, in arbitration, and in Court, including enforcing arbitral awards in Court.  Members of our team were part of the team in the Barrack Construction arbitration, at different stages, which resulted in the largest arbitral award in Barbados to date.

We are able to assist employers and contractors with the pre-contract to the contract stage, with the tendering process, the negotiation and settlement of construction or PPP/PFI contracts, dispute prevention and early dispute settlement, enforcement of arbitral awards, and with the litigation process.   

We can provide a trained arbitrator, with experience as an advocate and as a Judge, to arbitrate any construction or infrastructural dispute.  

Trust & Estates

We advise on wills and explain the legal implications of the person’s wishes, as well as draft wills in accordance with the expressed wishes of the client.   We assist personal representatives of deceased’s persons at every stage of the process of administering the estate of the deceased person. We assist with obtaining death certificates, searches for wills, retrieving wills from the Depository of Wills at the Supreme Court Registry, making applications for grants of Probate and grants of Letters of Administration and with the administration and distribution of the deceased’s estate.   

We also advise on trust planning and we draft trust deeds.  We advise trustees of trusts.

We have acted for personal representatives and beneficiaries in contentious estate actions and for various parties in litigated trust matters in Court.  Members of our team have at various times, presented on wills and estates, to various groups and organizations.

You may access some of our presentations on wills and our steps in the estate process via the link below.